JAY A Jay man facing five felony charges may now face another one.

Stephen Wayne Barbee, 20, of Jay, could face a felony charge of assault and battery against a police officer after allegedly fighting officers, jailers and bondsmen when he was brought to the Delaware County jail on Dec. 1.

According to the probably cause affidavit, Barbee was transported to the jail by his bondsman who asked for assistance from officers when Barbee resisted being taken into the facility.

Officers Mark Berry, Miles Mussati and Sharon Fromeyer along with a jailer responded to a call and found the suspect on the ground with two bail bondsmen attempting to restrain him.

Berry claimed the suspect kicked him twice before he could be restrained, according to the report.

Barbee could face a charge of battery or assault and battery on a police officer while in the performance of his duty.

Barbee is set for the felony disposition docket on January 12, 2009, facing felony charges of second degree rape by instrumentation, assault and/or battery with a dangerous weapon, receiving stolen property, and knowingly concealing stolen property.

He remains incarcerated on a $114,000 bond.