Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

It was a night full of good announcements at the Grove Public Schools Board meeting on Tuesday. Superintendent Sandy Harper announced that Grove Upper Elementary School has been awarded the Cherokee Nation Principal Chief’s School Health Leadership grant for 2011 to promote “Physical Activity, Nutrition and Tobacco Prevention through Policy, System and Environmental Change Strategies” as stated in the grant.

Along with the prestige of winning the award and a plaque, the school received an award of $10,000. John Ann Thompson, Indian Education Director for Grove Schools, displayed the plaque and explained that the money will be used to purchase physical education curriculum and outdoor physical education equipment that can be used to promote physical wellness and fitness. Funds will most likely be available in the spring.

“One of my goals when I was hired,” said Superintendent Sandy Harper, “was to go after grants. Cindy Weaver has worked very hard at these grants because we don’t have a grant writer.”

Cindy Weaver is the district's Federal Programs Director.

“Some of the grants are small,” said Weaver, “but every little bit counts.”

Weaver explained that the district is planning to hire professional grant writers who will be paid only if the grants are funded. Weaver stated that she works on a lot of grants.

“It’s hard to be awarded because on paper we look really good,” she said, “and we are not identified as a school that needs improvement.”

Other awards and grants announced during the regularly scheduled meeting were:

Mrs. Thompson displayed a plaque that Grove Public Schools Johnson-O’Malley Association (JOM) received from the National JOM Association at the NJOMA National Conference Banquet on October 27 in Billings, Mont.

On October 27, Grove High School was awarded $2,700 as part of the Oklahoma Advanced Placement (AP) Incentives Program.

One hundred dollars was awarded for each AP exam score of 3, 4 or 5 from the May 2010 testing. The award came from the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

The Oklahoma State Board of Education also announced on October 21, that Grove High School and its district won $1,750 of the 2010-2011 Robotics Grant funds to be used for registration and related expenses involved in competitive remote-controlled robot competitions.

Fourth Grade Teacher, Mrs. Kidwell received a $150 grant from the Oklahoma Court Council. She used it to purchase items to celebrate Native American Day on Nov. 15.

Members from the Rotary delivered a free dictionary to every third grade student.

Lower Elementary is having a fundraiser with Grove RibCrib. During the month of November, RibCrib will donate 15 percent of sales accompanied with a flyer available at the school office.

Grove Early Childhood Center is fundraising with Broclee’s. If you eat at Broclee’s in Grove during the month of November, ECC will receive 10 percent of the ticket when a coupon is presented.

The high school will serve its traditional Veterans Day breakfast on Veterans Day.

Monday, November 15 is Native American Day. The public is welcome to come watch the forty minute segment lessons and there will be a guest speaker at 2:15 p.m.

All items on the agenda were approved.