Delaware County Commissioners passed a resolution designating the new boundary lines between districts Tuesday morning as part of the procedure needed for redistricting mandated by the state. In their meeting held last week, the board came to an agreement on the new boundaries and passing the resolution Tuesday was the next step before sending it to the state for final approval.

State statutes state that the new districts will be in effect on January 1, 2013 which leavse the question of who is going to maintain the new districts until that time. “The state strongly recommends that the commissioners go ahead and take over the news districts formed by the redistricting,” said commissioner for district #2 Billy Cornell. Districts #2 and #3 were adversely affected more so than district #1. Danny Duncan, commissioner for district #3 offered no commitment as to when he would be taking over the newly formed district #3. District #1 County Commissioner Doug Smith offered no opinion except to quote the state statute date of January 1, 2013.

Of other interest to the county, the burn ban remains in effect for another week despite the recent rain received. Delaware County is also under a state mandated burn ban. There was some discussion of what was allowed and what was not allowed during the ban. On a state level, they say no outdoor burning at all. If a person is caught burning during the ban it can carry a fine of $100-$500.

Maintenance at the Delaware County fair board was discussed between two members of the fair board and the board of commissioners. Questions arose concerning who was responsible for the maintenance of the county owned property. Mattie Jeffries and Suzanne Barnes, both members of that fair board, were told that the Delaware County Fair Board is an entity unto it's own self and is not governed by the commissioners. A set of by-laws must be passed by the fair board, brought to the commissioners for approval and recorded in the County Clerks office. These by-laws will dictate what happens with the fair board's decisions. The ladies said they would take care of that business.

Other items included:

• The sponsorship of a REAP grant in the amount of $7,881.00 was approved.

• A project known as “Morro Slab” will be programmed in the amount of $5,206.00 for repairs.

• The board approved the assessor's office report to the excise board on the abstract value of the county in the amount of $317,181,166.00.

The next meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on August 16, at 9 a.m. In the Commissioners office of the Delaware County Courthouse.