Janet Barber

JAY –Delaware County Commissioners moved one small step toward the creation with the tax increment district on Monkey Island for the renovation of the old Shangri-La resort by approving a resolution to create a trust authority during their meeting Monday morning.

District #2 Commissioner Billy Cornell voted not to approve the resolution after the motion was made by Dave Kendrick, County Commissioner for district #3 and seconded by District #1 County Commissioner Ken Crowder.

Commissioner Crowder wanted to name members to the trust, which could include Dr. Jim Rutter, representing Grove Schools, EMS representative Lendell Bass, Superintendent of Cleora Schools Tim Carson, Vo-Tech representative Joe Hutchison and one county commissioner, all members who had served on the review committee early on in the TIF proposal.

Steve Kreie, a Monkey Island resident and land owner, questioned Crowder as to why these people were chosen and not the public at large who was not involved in the five entities that will be affected by the TIF.

“Who better to serve on the board than those representing the five districts involved in the TIF,” Crowder said.

When asked about someone representing the library and health department, Crowder said that their portion of the “pie” was a very small amount and in his past experience serving on trusts, a five-member board worked best.

District Attorney Eddie Wyant, put a halt to the controversy by saying that the trust members could not be named today and would have to be named during next weeks meeting as the item was not on today’s agenda.

A motion to approve a resolution authorizing and approving indebtedness of the Delaware County Economic Develop Authority in an amount of $25M in tax apportionment obligations and the waiving of a competitive bidding of the sale of revenue notes approving assistance in the development financing was tabled for one week.

Other matters handled Monday morning included:

• Approving a contract with Spirit Architecture for the Delaware County Courthouse security study.

• Sponsoring REAP grants for both Jay and Grove Schools.

• Motion to approve a bid from Ron McLaughlin on property not sold at tax land sale.

• Forwarding on a tort claim to the insurance company a claim from Gracy Dick in the amount of $3,726.45 against the Sheriff’s Department.

• Approved was a road bore in district #2 for the City of Jay as part of their raw water line project.

• The platting of a new subdivision known as The Casitas was approved.

• Bids on a replacement roof at the Delaware County Community Center will have an amended opening date.

• Financial aid for the Delaware County Clerk’s Office in the amount of $850 each was pledged by fire departments Kansas, Leach and Oaks.

• A resolution authorizing an application for financial assistance from the Rural Economic Action Plan Fund for all three districts passed.

The next meeting of the Delaware County Commissioners will be held on Mon., Aug. 11 starting at 9 a.m. in the County Commissioner Office of the Delaware County Courthouse.