To my Community,

I want to touch on several items that I feel you should know as community members. We are all smart enough to know that there is always two sides to every story and I feel you should like some of the other information.

I will go on record now that I personally believe David and Linda Schachle have done an unbelievably good job and have saved this District a lot of money. Mr. Schachle began repairing the schools as roofs leaked, floors had settled and there were plumbing problems, etc. The majority of the buildings are no longer deteriorating like they were and are now in good shape. It is a work in progress and there is still more repairs and upgrades to do. This work should have been done by the previous administration and board.

Our building fund comes from 40%-Impact Aide, 30%-Ad Valorem and 30%-interest earned from shrewd investing by Mr. Schachle. The Schachles are concerned and caring people and this District has always been first when them. When they leave, as they both are, we are going to miss them and their abilities. As often happens, you donít realize how good you had it until things change and it isnít so good any more.

Another item of interest, before the board voted to have Mrs. Schachle invest the funds as per her recommendations some years ago, the funds laid in an account that drew little interest. There were two CDís invested in outlying banks but for the most part, not much investing was done with your school funds. After the investments were made, interest money was earned which was enough to pay for some salaries, repairs, and expenses that we didnít have the money for before. The interest earned went from $24,377.11 in 1993 to $187,051.97 in 2007. This isnít mentioning the amount earned each year between as these figures are just for the two years shown. This was and is welcome income for the schools when before there was little extra income from earned interest. It is also something that you as a community member might not be aware of.

Another area of agreement with the Schachles. I think out money should be kept in our own community and not be taken to other towns. I feel the same way about contracting for anything that we need done for our schools. When possible, and if there is little difference in cost, we should use community people who live in the area and help pay our taxes.

Mr. Schachle and this board also believes when possible, we should give our teachers and staff raises or stipends. We all believe that our staff is underpaid, even though Jay is one of the highest paid counties in Oklahoma. We want to do what is best for our people and will do our best for them always. It is a fact though, when their incomes are compares with other stateís salaries, we are woefully lacking. We want t keep our staff as we are aware that we have some of the best that can be found anywhere. However, the last thing we will ever want to do is put our people in the position of RIFing, which means a Reduction in Force, and that is something that hurts everyone. I am sure you have already heard of schools in the area that have done just that.

The last item that should be mentioned is this. It is easy to criticize someone when you are standing back watching others do the work, or when you spread rumors about some anonymously. It is entirely another thing when you put your name out there as the person who says what was said. I have never said anything about anyone that I did not say to their face and I have never besmirched an employerís reputation in my life. I appreciated the opportunity I had to make an honest living by doing a good job.

I certainly donít respect anyone that makes derogatory remarks about someone without producing the proof to follow up the statement. For those people who are doing this, you should be called to account for what they say. If I were Mr. Schachle, there would be lawsuits instigated for ďdefamation of characterĒ. It should be easy enough to do as there are numerous witnesses who have heard it consistently for over the past few years. Lastly, the guilty parties may not pay for it now if he doesnít go ahead and sue them, when they stand before their maker, what will they tell Him? He will be a lot harder to lie to, wonít he?

On the good side of this equation, I have met some truly wonderful people in Delaware County. A large number of these people, I hope will be friends for life. In fact, the large majority of people I have met in Delaware County are concerned and caring. They want what is best for their community and their schools and are willing to work hard to help achieve it.


Joan Dinsmoore