Joe Gray

I don't normally do commercial plugs, but I am going to give it up to my man Cotton Freshour at Jeff Lungren Chevrolet for hooking me up with a nice practical car to help me keep up with all this driving I've been doing lately.

It doesn't hurt that it's tiny, blue, convertible, and pretty quick too. Although a couple of folks around that office call it my mid-life crisis car, it's all about the fuel economy you know. I'm saving the environment by burning less gas, and rolling with the top down and not using all that nasty freon.

And I would have been happy to have one at 18, but hauling hay didn't pay enough back in those days.

I've been doing a little work over in the lovely city of Miami, hence all the extra driving, and brother, does it make our town look peaceful and orderly.

Lots of political upheaval, rumors of massive conspiracies, and all sorts of hidden money that I haven't been able to find just yet.

So, crossing Sailboat Bridge feels like a pretty big relief after a day of chasing all that madness down.

Aside from Kiefer's little Giggin' expedition, things have been fairly routine.

There is plenty of big news brewing around the lake though, especially with the sudden resignation of Kevin Easley from GRDA.

Credit our Kendra Montana for being on top of that story before anyone else.

I'm sure candidates for the next head of that very important organization is going spark plenty of discussion among those in the know.

All I know is I've lived here four months and haven't had enough sense to go pick myself up a fishing pole.

That needs to be fixed, pronto. I've seen my neighbor catching a few, and I'm jealous. No giggin' for me though.