To the Editor

I would like all my family, friends, co-workers, church family, and customers to know that I was terminated from Grand Lake Casino with no fault of my own. I am not involved in their embezzlement, nor do I know of any dishonest deeds in any area of the work place. Personally, I find the whole “embezzlement” story quite unbelievable.

I was given a gift in November 2007 in the form of a “tip”. I did try to return it to the “messenger”, told several superiors of the “gift”, told my co-workers and customers, wrote a thank you in care of the casino for the “gift that I was blessed with in my pocket”. Other than that, I do not now what I could have or should have done differently in a gratuitous atmosphere

.I live my life giving Thanks to my dear Lord for the ability to get out of bed everyday. (And if you have known me for very long, I have not always been able to get out of bed and go to work) and continue the day giving for all things, generally with a very happy spirit.

And I still forever will give Thanks for all things but especially for my life experiences Christ has allowed me, to help make me be the person I am today.

In Christ's Love

Mickey Lemaster