The Board of Trustees for the Town of Bernice met last Monday night approving the hiring of a part-time city employee and appointing several town positions as part of business.

The meeting opened with the appointment of Bill Raven as mayor, Patrick Beehler as fire chief and emergency management director and Andy Andrews as assistant fire chief and assistant emergency management director.

After convening into executive session the board reopened the meeting with discussion and action on the employment of a town maintenance person.

“I want to say to the people in this room that I believe that we need someone who is cross trained for this position. I feel that the Town of Bernice will be better served by a full-time employee who can work for the water department, as a dogcatcher and for the fire department. We have recently incorporated zoning in this community and we could train this person to monitor that. I just think hiring full-time is a better idea for what we really need,” said board member David Dennis.

Mayor Bill Raven disagreed.

“If we start combining the dog catcher and water operator and repairman for this town, well, not everyone can do all of those things. It can take years to get someone trained for all of those positions,” he said.

Dennis stated that the idea is to find one person who is already trained or partially trained in the various areas or find one person who is willing to work in the different departments rather than filling each one separately.

“I just hate to see us hire someone part-time and then cut them loose in six months because we realize that we need something more,” said Dennis.

The board voted four to one in favor of hiring Bobby White as a part time town employee.

Next on the agenda was an item calling for discussion and/or action on the dogcatchers contract. The item was tabled.

The board then approved a Fair Housing Resolution.

An item calling for the transfer of $25,000 from the street and alley maintenance and operation line 80d to legal fees, line 61a, to help cover mounting legal cost for an ongoing law suit against the town was approved.

The transfer of $25,000 from street and alley maintenance and operation account line 80d to emergency management, line 63e, for the purchase of a generator, which FEMA will reimburse the town for, was also approved.

The board approved an item calling for action on having maintenance performed on Engine 1, Engine 2 and Tanker 1 at a cost of $2155.42.

Cody Frost was approved to perform lawn service for the town at a cost of $75 per mow at the fire department.

The board approved the purchase of a radar unit for the town deputy at a cost of $1695.00.

In other business the board approved going out for a grant through the REC Roundup for radios for the fire department and the purchase of brush gear.

The Town of Bernice meets the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in Bernice City Hall. All meetings are open to the public.