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JAY — When a gunman opened fire Friday on two brothers, the older boy shielded the younger one, and still has a bullet lodged in his body.

That detail emerged Monday after a hearing for William Michael Demoss, 51, of rural Jay. He is jailed on $705,000 bail on three complaints of shooting with intent to kill and four complaints of felony possession of a firearm. A $5,000 bail was set for a 2004 assault-and-battery warrant.

Demoss is accused of shooting Delaware County sheriff’s Deputy Rick Pike and Curtis Clinton, 17. He is accused of shooting at Marcus Chrismon, 9.

"I don’t think bail should have been set,” Roy and Maxie Chrismon said Monday. The Chrismons are the parents of the boys, who attend Colcord schools in southern Delaware County.

Clinton was shot twice by a .22-caliber rifle, once in the right hand and by another bullet that entered his hip and lodged near his groin area.

"They (doctors) decided not to remove the bullet in his groin area,” Roy Chrismon said.

He was flown by helicopter to a Springdale, Ark., hospital, where he was treated and released, Roy Chrismon said.

Marcus was not hurt because Curtis grabbed his younger brother, shielded him from the gunfire and then ran to a neighbor’s house, his mother said. The neighbor called an ambulance, the sheriff’s office and the boys’ parents.

"Both are doing OK, but Marcus is scared to death and they don’t understand why he shot at them,” Maxie Chrismon said.

Pike was shot in the hip as he tried to arrest Demoss. He was hospitalized at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, but his wound is not life-threatening, authorities said.

Confusion in case

Demoss appeared in court with bruises on his nose and left eye. When asked about his address, Demoss said his previous address was in Kansas, but mumbled that he didn’t know his current address.

Virginia Rose Logan, 77, Demoss’ mother, was arrested on complaints of obstructing an officer and harboring a fugitive.

She was released on $12,500 bail.

"We don’t know why he shot at the kids,” the Chrismons said.

The Chrismons are neighbors of Virginia Logan. Demoss has been living at his mother’s residence for about four years, the couple said.

Maxie Chrismon said two years ago there was an incident where Demoss accused one of her children of stealing a car ramp, but nothing ever came of it.

About the incident

About 5:30 p.m. Friday, the boys were walking on a rural road in front of Logan’s house when one shot was fired.

"The boys were walking by — when they heard the shot, they yelled out to him (Demoss) letting him know it was them,” Maxie Chrismon said.

But two more shots were fired, hitting Curtis, authorities said.

When deputies tried to serve the warrant for his arrest, he barricaded himself in an outbuilding on Logan’s property, authorities said. A shot was fired through the door of the building toward deputies, hitting Pike.

After Pike was wounded, Demoss surrendered to authorities without incident, officials said.

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