Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

School begins in Grove within the next two weeks and with this the police department is concerned with

school safety.

According to Grove Police Chief Mark Morris, there will be a great deal of vehicle traffic and pedestrian

traffic around the school campuses. The Grove Police Department will be out in full force in the school zones watching for violations such as speeding, cross walks, stop signs, seat belts, child seats, passing

of school busses while they have their stop warnings activated, just to name a few.

“We are working closely with the schools to help them make school drop-off

and pick-up run as smoothly as possible,” said Morris.

Morris stated the goal is to keep everyone as safe as possible in and around the schools. “We know the fi rst few weeks are very busy as kids are being transported to school. We see tremendous amounts of vehicle traffic on the streets around the campuses. We encourage drivers to give themselves extra time and expect traffic delays. We ask drivers to be courteous to other drivers and watch for pedestrians as there will also be a great deal of foot traffic."

The Police Department volunteers (VIPs) will be working traffi c control at the drop off points and intersections near the school to help the fl ow of traffi c. Police offi cers will be assigned to the school zones to assist with traffic and to watch for unsafe drivers and violations. Fines are double in a school zone.

Morris explained the traffic plan will be the same as last year with Seventh Street from Center Street to Leisure Lane is oneway east bound. Tenth Street from Leisure Lane to Center Street is one-way west bound. Center Street from Seventh Street to Tenth Street is one way south bound.

There are around 1,800 students within the school complex between Center Street and Leisure Lane. Transportation for that many students in this small of an area becomes a real challenge for drivers, the school, and law enforcement to move traffic though in a small window of time for drop off and pick up. Many of the campuses are also involved in some construction which may add to the congestion of traffic.

“We ask everyone to be patient, courteous and be aware of their surroundings. We hope everyone has a safe and happy school year,” said Morris.