I went shopping recently. All by myself. I have found that if you walk about with a smile on your face, people respond. Then again, it could be that I’m less intimidating without hair.

It seems that there’s always someone who has a cancer story to tell. One lady I ran

into on my shopping expedition asked me if I was still undergoing treatment. I told her that I was a five week cancer survivor. She laughed and with a sparkle in her blue eyes, told me that she had undergone

chemotherapy three times. I looked at her port scar, and showed her mine was still in.

We talked about how we dealt with the doctor saying, “You have cancer”, to how we handled the treatments, loss of hair, etc. She was a lovely woman and I enjoyed our chat. When we parted she hugged me and said, “good luck”. I wished her a cancer free life from now on and told her she was a lovely lady, because she was truly a beautiful woman.

She said her hair loss bothered her the most. I don’t dwell on my loss of hair, it gives me a great opportunity to make fun of the situation. That’s the major way I got through it. I still won’t have

hair for a while, but I will proudly show my bare head to anyone who is curious. As I see it, it’s a badge of courage to be worn in just that way.

A friend of mine once told me to never duck my head to anyone. I have always remembered his words of support and encouragement. I am not alone, I think that cancer has affected some family member of everyone you run into. Another lady I talked to told me that her husband was a “cancer survivor” for four years now. She said it with much pride and adoration of her husband in her voice. He smiled at me. I have found that there’s a bond with those who have gone through such a thing. I know I find myself with another family - a family of brave, courageous, loving and very living – cancer


Now for something completely different – Monty Python. There are some VERY exciting changes going on at the Delaware County Journal, Grove Sun, Miami News Record, just to name of few of the more local publications owned by American Media Consolidated. We’re being rejuvenated, remodeled, reworked, and rebuffed until we shine with brand new templates for our publications. They’re very clean, attractive eyeappealing and reader friendly designs. We’ll be making a huge splash about our new re-designed web site as well, including this publication. The graphic design gurus of corporate have done a wonderful job and everyone is excited.

We all hope our readers will be as pleased as we are. “Templates” are new ways in which our pages will look from now on, sometimes I forget that not everyone knows design lingo.