Pelivan Transit of Grove just received a new van from the city.

“It was a blessing to the organization,” said Pelivan Transit Dispatcher Jackie Tanner, who has been with the service for 10 years.

Pelivan is available to citizens who need transportation within the city limits.

Many people are not aware that the van is open to anyone of any age to use for a fee.

The van is used for many purposes including taking residents to Wal-Mart and Harps, taking them to doctor appointments, to pay bills, and to church functions.

The van will even pick residents up and take them to work or to school. It also will take people to the casino.

Art Prewett has been driving one of the vans for almost five years. He said he has seen the amount of riders increase recently.

“When I started we had maybe 20-25 riders a day and now we have from 75-100 riders each day,” Prewett said.

He noted that most people think of the Pelivan as a service that is only available to seniors. Although he says seniors account for most Pelivan fares, the service is open to anyone of any age who pays the fee.

“We take them to the doctor, or just shopping and bring them and their groceries home. Many seniors say they couldn’t make it without us,” Prewitt said.

Tanner said she has seen the program grow during the past 10 years.

She said the new van comes in handy since one of their other vans is being used for employment trips to the Pryor Industrial Park, picking up people along the way and taking them to work and then back home in the afternoon.

The cost to ride the Peilvan is $2 each way. It can be used from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Tanner and Prewitt stressed the need for another van because of the increase in riders. People calling to schedule a pickup may have to wait from 30 minutes to an hour before the van is available. This sometimes causes people to have to find alternative transportation or cancel doctors’ appointments, a situation which could be alleviated by more vans.

If you are in need of transportation, give Pelivan a call at 786-7516