Kendra Montana

Grove Sun

The Disney Board of Trustees met on Tuesday night to discuss town business, including transferring an easement to two town residents as part of the agenda.

With four voting board members present the board opened the meeting with department reports and approval of consent agenda items.

The board then approved a rental agreement of the town hall meeting room.

Next on the agenda the board discussed a letter received from town residents Michael Blackman and George Livingston requesting that the board consider abandoning or selling the easement named North Holway between Block 6, Lot 27 and Block 5, Lot 1.

James Crane, zoning and planning department, addressed the board on the issue.

I dont see the town ever actually putting a street in that area. It goes into a deep ravine and my opinion is that we should let these people have the property. There are a lot of streets on the town map that are just wooded areas, he said.

Trustee Jim Risman agreed.

I think we should give them this property to maintain and pay taxes on. Its just a wooded area and I agree with James (Crane) on this one, Risman said.

The board approved transferring the property to the two citizens.

An item calling for action on sending the mayor, town clerk and police chief to the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council Summit meeting on June 17, in Tahlequah was approved. There is no charge to attend.

The board approved hosting a pet clinic on May 7, at the fire department where local residents can obtain shots and worming vaccines for their pets at a low cost.

Members voted to table an item requiring action on a packet from the Federal Emergency Management Agency about a flood insurance rate map. Board member Jane Standeford will be attending a meeting in Langley on April 24 that will provide additional information on this item. The board will revisit it following the meetings.

Just before adjourning the town clerk Sherry Page administered the Oath of Office to Judy Barger, Jim Risman and Bill Aycott.