Joe Gray

Grove Sun Editor

I've grown awfully tired of writing about rain, and snow, and all sorts of weather mayhem lately, so it's time to point out a little sunshine.

Our own Janet Barber never fails to light up my day. If you don't know Janet, you're missing out. If you do, you likely don't miss out on much of anything, because she's "all there" as us country-folk say.

In spite of her health scares, and all the stress this job can bring, she never fails to make me laugh, and occassionally, actually almost embarrass me.

(I said "almost" Janet, so don't get cocky.)

She's one of a kind, no doubt, and I'm glad she's my buddy.

City council meetings have certainly been more interesting as of late. Well, ok, maybe not interesting, but certainly longer. After hearing the same housing issue discussed three times last Tuesday, I was pretty sure I could go without hearing about Section 42 ever again.

I've covered several diferent kinds of housing developments over the years, so sometimes it's hard not to raise my hand and say "Guys, that's not what it means."

Of course, it's sort of my job to report the news, not to make it, so I keep quiet and let them work it out, even if it means missing dinner.

I hope the new council members have good appetities. It makes for much more efficient business.