Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

Get America Back Grove/Delaware County (GAB) hosted a “November or Never 2010 Rally”, October 9, at the Grove Community Center. The highly spirited, well-attended event featured speeches from 2010 candidates. Larry Stout of GAB was the MC and started the rally by introducing Charles Thompson, candidate for Congress as Representative of District 2.

Thompson is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a retired Army Major. Thompson started his speech reminding those in attendance of what he believes our founding fathers wanted. “When I look at what’s most important I always come back to the Constitution” said Thompson.

“Our founding fathers wanted to establish a more perfect union with justice, tranquility and provide for a common defense. They also provided for the general welfare of the people”, he said. “Not welfare checks.”

He continued to explain that the purpose of Article 1 of the Constitution “is so that we would have all legislative powers vested in a congress. A congress that is accountable to you.”

“Elected officials are bound by oath to support the constitution, but have no honor. They take the oath, but feel nothing in their heart’, he said.

He also stated that elected officials are civil officers and need to be held to the same expectations as soldiers. “Things that are thought to be unbecoming of a soldier

should be the same for an elected official and yet we have elected officials who lie”.

Oklahoma State Auditor candidate Gary Jones stated “his opponent was endorsed by Oklahoma City Chronicle, but they don’t know who he really is.” He continued to explain that his opponent has “on multiply occasions taken credit for other peoples’ jobs.”

Jones said “I can do the job my opponent has two employees to help him with by myself and save two salaries”.

Jenny White is an opponent of State Question 744 who wants to “restore public education Oklahoma to what is should be.” She says SQ 744 “is not going to bring schools up to National Standards.” She showed discrepancies between state expectations and national standards.

Candidate for Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak and his family were at the event where he explained, “we need an insurance commission who will work to help lower the costs of insurance. One in four motorists are driving without insurance because it is too expensive.”

Eddie Huff from KFAQ 1170 radio also attended and gave an inspirational speech. Huff is a conservative, minister and public speaker.

“There are two types of activists”, said Huff, “the ones that show up to events like this and rally and get people to vote and think that’s going to do it. There are those who think they just need to pray because politics is slimy and full of corruption and they don’t want to touch it” he said. “We have Thompson who is working hard…he is going to do it”.

“We need to get behind that spiritual front and use our hands and feet and get physically behind it” like he said Thompson is.

Huff was born in post WW11 in Germany to a German mother and American GI. He was a black radical hippie at Texas Tech University, but after his conversion to Christianity he began to see the world in a different way. He then attended a school of divinity and became a minister. Huff has traveled worldwide and spoken to thousands.