MIAMI, Okla. — A Miami police officer who shot and killed a 70-year-old man who was wielding a knife in a threatening manner has been cleared, District Attorney Eddie Wyant said Monday.

Miami police officer Jeffrey Fraizer shot and killed Ivar Rupley, of Miami, on June 21, after repeatedly ordering Rupley to drop an eight-inch kitchen knife.

Instead of dropping the weapon, Rupley drew back the knife and threw it at Fraizer.

Fraizer fired three shots ending the assault.

Rupley died from gunshot wounds to the chest, according to the state medical examiner’s office.

Wyant said he reviewed the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation reports and information surrounding the incident.

 “Officer Fraizer had arrived that evening at the scene to assist a female which had been previously assaulted by being struck both in the leg and neck by Mr. Rupley with his cane,” Wyant said in a letter to Gary Anderson, Miami Police Chief.

Rupley made verbal threats to the woman and to Fraizer a few months earlier, involving a gun he claimed to possess, Wyant said.

When Fraizer arrived at the residence, Rupley had a knife in his hand and another knife on an end table near him.