Kendra Montana

Grove Sun

It was almost lights out for the firework extravaganza in Disney tonight after an Eucha woman decided to take off with the Budget Rental truck containing the fireworks to be used in tonight’s show.

“It has been a crazy couple of days around this lake but we are going to get through it just fine,” said Judy Barger, Mayor of Disney and founder of the Grand Lake Firework Show in Disney. “I’m sure glad that nobody got hurt and that we got them all back.”

Elaine Palomar, 34, a resident of the Eucha area, was taken into custody on several charges after she stole the truck and lead officers from three agencies on a high-speed chase through the highways and back roads of south Grand Lake.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the chase began in Disney when a reserve officer witnessed the truck traveling across one of the spillways on the wrong side of the highway.

“We responded to the call for assistance from other law enforcement agencies who were in pursuit of the truck on county road 520 outside of Bernice,” said Lt. George Brown, OHP media relations. “We deployed stop sticks but the suspect failed to stop, then rammed head on into an OHP vehicle, at which time the trooper fired on the vehicle, hitting the window.

“The suspect was not shot in the incident but sustained some minor injuries from broken glass,” Brown said. “Officers removed her from her vehicle and she was taken into the custody of Mayes County.”

Palomar was taken into custody on several charges relating to eluding an officer and auto theft.

The truck was returned to the surprised crew in Disney, and is currently being set up for the show tonight in Disney.