Sally Tibbits

Letter to the Editor:

 Friday, July 18 there was an article on the Church News page entitled, Young Muslims find mission, motivation in ‘30’.  I read the entirety of the article as I do all the others on that particular page.  I was amazed that so much space was given to something that sings the praises of the Muslim mission within America.

For those that did not read the article, you need to.  It basically told about a movement among the young people of the Muslim community in Dearborn, MI to educate and fill a void within their own community to help their young people overcome problems of addiction, mental illness, and domestic violence.  Now that sounds good, but when you read further it was made clear that another goal they have is to produce brochures and distribute them nationally to mosques to offer visitors wanting more information about Islam for the purpose of “enlightening” them.  The last paragraph said it all.  “I want a thriving, flourishing, righteous, God-conscious community that Americans can look at and say, ‘Wow, look at what Muslims can do in America,’ he said.  “We want to change our immediate environment, and people will take notice.”  

That article should stir us up for a number of reasons.  It should be a reminder to the Church that we have a lot of work to do to ensure that The Truth is shared throughout this nation and that we have to keep working to help “fill the voids” with the only Truth even if that Truth offends.  That Truth is the salvation of Jesus Christ, not Allah.  It should also concern us that our local paper fills space on the Church News page with praises to the Muslim nation.  We have at least three local pastors who have written good articles filled with Christian teaching and exhortation on a weekly basis in the past.  Those articles are no longer being printed for whatever reason.  They may have offended some, but at least they were filled with The Truth.  Yes, The Truth can be offensive but it liberates, heals, and saves.

I hope some changes will be made to the Church News page.  If filling space is a problem, I will personally find legitimate articles that reflect the values of the majority of individuals in our region.


Sally Tibbits

Christian and citizen of one nation under God, not Allah