Cheryl Franklin

Itís Welcome Back Weekend and I havenít even left yet. I thought this was a resort town. Winter is supposed to be a time to hibernate, to take it slow, to sit back by the fire and contemplate the new year. I was hoping to catch up on some reading this winter, or do some sewing, or spinning (as in wool) or maybe even catch up on my fall cleaning. I have this delusional idea every year that I might rest of bit after things slow down. Problem is, things havenít slowed down, not much. And now, itís time to start the really busy time all over again. Nature has also heard the call. The jonquils are blooming, geese are flying north and now weíre welcoming back the lakers who went home to rest for the winter.

There are just not enough hours in the day. Of course, thatís where daylight savings time comes in. I love daylight savings time, it allows many working people time to do a few outdoors after work before it gets dark.

Iím sure there were some people who were took advantage of the winter and stayed inside and did things people that stay inside do. The reason I know this is because I was out looking for a snowman to take a picture of. I did this last year, but last year there wasnít near as much snow as this year so I thought I wouldnít have any problem finding a huge snowman on every lawn. My quest was futile and I decided that most kids were inside playing video games. I did some calling around and found that to be true. Iíve spent a lot of years exposing my kids and other peopleís kids to interesting things around them, cultural events, museums, the arts, music, books, politics. They even like to play a few video games now and then but prefer to be active in something more meaningful. Currently, my son is in the Navy in Pensacola, one of the oldest Naval Bases in the country, complete with a museum and plenty of historical buildings and landmarks. Iím informed that, since he has to travel on base with a buddy, that he hasnít had the opportunity to visit the historical part of the base because no one cares to go along with him. Iím sure there are some sailors that are in the same position he is, itís just that he hasnít met them.

Appreciating the community you live in is a good place to start. Har-Ber Village opened this week and there is a thorough history of northeast Oklahoma right here under our noses.

Since there were no challengers to the city council seats, I assume that either everyone is completely happy with the job that the councilmen are doing and wouldnít change a thing or no one wants to get involved. I hope the former is true, however, there was a seat left empty and so for some city residents they will not get to choose who will represent them.

There are some interesting races in surrounding communities, however.

In the meantime, weíll welcome back the lakers, go to the Spring Livestock Show this weekend, get ready for the Grand Lake Boat Show and maybe plant some lettuce, after work, in the dark probably. If youíre bored, come see me.

Cheryl Franklin is publisher of the Grove Sun and can be reached at