Charges are being filed against a City of Grove employee who has confessed to taking money from the city’s coffers, according to Grove Police Chief Mark Morris.

Marty Yust, 30, of Cleora, was terminated Wednesday, July 9, after an investigation revealed evidence that he had taken money from the Grove Municipal Services Authority office area, Morris said.

Yust, who had worked for the city as a part-time buildings and ground employee since April 2007, reportedly confessed to stealing money from GMSA coffers and petty cash.

Approximately $1,200 was missing from the GMSA office, according to police reports.

Yust is reportedly being charged with second-degree burglary.

Morris said City Manager Bruce Johnson and City Treasurer Lisa Allred filed contacted the police department on May 6th to file a report regarding the suspected theft.

Morris said Detective Sergeant James Highley set up surveillance on the GMSA office and gathered the information needed to discover who was behind the missing money.

“We were very concerned because we were dealing with monies entrusted to us by the public and we take that trust seriously,” Morris said.

“Detective Highley did an outstanding job,” he noted.

Morris said he is very grateful to Johnson and Allred and to GMSA office manager for helping expedite the process.

“They came forward and help us bring the investigation to a swift and sure conclusion,” Morris said.