Candy Woodruff

Special to The Grove Sun

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is investigating embezzlement allegations at Jay City Hall, according to OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown.

Brown said that her agency received a request from Jay Police Chief Mike Shambaugh last summer to look into possible financial improprieties.

Since that time, Delaware County District Attorney Eddie Wyant has had his office recused from the case and Craig County District Attorney Janice Steidley has been appointed as special prosecutor. Steidley assigned the case to Assistant District Attorney Chuck Ramsey who said Wednesday that he has yet to see the file from the OSBI.

Brown said that the reason for the delay is the OSBI is still sifting through documents confiscated in connection with the investigation to determine if criminal activity has occurred. She explained that there are hundreds of documents to go through, and unfortunately the agency’s limited manpower requires it to prioritize cases, with murder cases taking precedence.

Jay Mayor Wayne Dunham said Wednesday evening that he had no comment as to the allegations or the investigation.