MIAMI – A Missouri man was released on $50,000 bail after contacting a Fairland couple and trying to arrange a sexual encounter with their 3-year-old daughter, Ottawa County Undersheriff Bob Ernst said Wednesday.

Jeffery C. Lewis, 33, of Joplin, Mo., is charged in Ottawa County District Court in Miami with directing transportation of a child for purposes of lewdness.  

He was arrested Sunday at a Miami motel

The child’s parents told authorities they had an open relationship and the mother had met Lewis on an adult website in 2007, Ernst said.

On Saturday, Lewis sent text messages to the girl’s mother saying he wanted to meet with her and her daughter for a sexual relationship, he said. The parents contacted authorities and arrangements were made for Lewis to meet with what he thought was the mother and daughter in a Miami motel, Ernst said.  

Before arriving at the motel, Lewis sent several text messages to the mother describing explicit sexual acts he wanted to have with the child.  Lewis was arrested when he arrived at the motel, Ernst said.

 “He (Lewis) said he went to Miami to have sex with an adult, not a child,” Ernst said.

Lewis confessed to authorities he sent the text messages as part of a fantasy world and this was part of an online game, he said.

Recently Lewis begin asking the child’s father if he was interested in having a sexual relationship with a young girl, he said. The couple said Lewis said he “raped” a 13-year-old girl and said the teenager would be available for sexual relation with the couple, Ernst said.

After he was arrested Lewis denied molesting the teenager, Ernst said.