Cheryl Franklin

Grove continues to be a city of individuals who are working together to make a better community. When I look around, I see the evidence of that more and more.

  The turnout for A Taste of Grand, a fundraiser for Integris Grove Hospital on Saturday night, was impressive to say the least.

  From what I saw, it seemed like the whole city was represented. Many businesses also donated prizes and even the decorations were on loan from various florists and gift shops.

 The food, of course, was the highlight of the evening.

I was very impressed with the offerings that are available from our area restaurants.

One item I missed was the ice cream with bacon sprinkles. I actually passed it up at the time thinking it didn’t sound like an acceptable culinary combination. However, all evening we were asked, “Did you try the ice cream with bacon?” Maybe next time.

  A lot of details go into an event such as this. Kudos to all of the planners and organizers who worked so hard to put on this class act event.

   Sunday morning I took pictures as members of the First Baptist Church and Cornerstone Church paraded through the side streets of Grove from their old locations to their new locations.

   The two groups met in the middle to ceremoniously exchange keys and encourage each other to continue to work together for their common cause.

  It was quite a sight to see, and a rare one at that. If you missed it, you missed a historic event. The change affects hundreds of church members in Grove who, again, have a renewed sense of community togetherness.

  On Saturday, there is a fundraiser for Jerry Drake II who was injured earlier this year in a terrible fall. The event is expected to draw so many people that it will be held at the Grove Civic Center. This is a community that cares about others.

  The bond issue to help improve Grove schools will be another opportunity for residents to work together for a common cause.  I encourage residents to go to the school board meetings where you can voice your opinion about such matters rather than complain about it later.

  Speaking of voicing your opinion, I know a lot of people have a lot of opinions about a lot of things. One of the ways to express your self is to write a letter to the editor of the Grove Sun.  More than 6000 readers will have an opportunity to see your letter each issue, not including the thousands of people who go to the Grove Sun website each week.

  Our Pelican photo contest has already drawn a number of wonderful pelican photos. Be sure to send your entry to to be considered for our weekly winner, which will be published each Friday through October.

  The winner each week will get custom framing from Picture Framing and More and the grand prize winner will get a 30’x40’ print suitable for stretching or framing provided by Signs by Sikorski.

Since I just haven’t seen one live pelican yet this year I’m looking forward to seeing all the photos from those more fortunate.

In real life, Cheryl Franklin is the publisher of the Grove Sun.