Peggy Kiefer

Grove Sun

The City of Grove Building and Grounds Department is hard at work planting over 400 trees received from a $25,000 grant the city received from the Oklahoma State Department of Transportation. Workers are planting 40 or 50 trees a day.

“We decided that we could have more tress if we planted them ourselves, instead of hiring it out” said Craig Criger, Superintendent of the Building and Grounds Department. Spring Creek out of Tulsa won the bid for 481 trees.

“We started at 63rd Street and will work our way to Sail Boat Bridge, then back the other way,” said Criger. If there are any trees left over, Criger said they will keep planting them east on 59 until they are all planted.

“The Crape Myrtle trees will start blooming at the height of tourist season. They are going to be very pretty by the Fourth of July,” said Criger.

When planting is complete there will be 200 red, 100 white, 66 pink and 66 purple Crape Myrtle trees and other trees including Red Buds, several different types of maple trees, Crab Apples and Bald Cypress.