A wish to keep hands warm this winter has spread from Saint Louis to Central Texas and now here in Grove. Scott Wright, Chief Operations Officer and Regional Director of the American Consolidated Media Corporation (ACM) which owns The Grove Sun was in Grove last week and told the staff about Becky's Wish. Becky's Wish is a program Wright and his daughters created to continue giving warm gloves and mittens to those who need them as his wife Becky did before she died. He wanted to keep her legacy going and started Becky's Wish.

Becky and Scott Wright were married for 14 years and lived in Saint Louis, Mo. They divorced for many of the same reasons couples divorce. Scott Wright said, "After a year, the bitterness began to fade. Time does that. We became close friends again. On more than one occasion, we spoke of reconciliation. Becky and the girls visited me in Texas when I lived in Frisco. We attended high school graduations and college graduations together as a family."

"During this time I also learned that during the cold, wet winters in St. Louis, Becky would buy gloves and mittens and randomly hand them out to those in need," he continued.

Wright explained that on a Sunday morning in December 2008, when he was the president of a newspaper corporation based just outside Philadelphia, he received a call that Becky was in the hospital and immediately called her.


Below is the story as written by Wright:

She sounded weak, but very alert.

She explained that she had fainted and that her blood pressure was out of control; doctors were giving her medicines and planned on doing a battery of tests the next day. I told her I would get on a plane and be in St. Louis in a few hours. No, she argued, I had work to do. We argued a few minutes before she declared herself "fine" and told me she would be out of the hospital by the time my meetings were over the next day.

"Very well," I said. "I love you."

"I love you, too," she replied.

The next morning at 5:32 a.m., Rebecca "Becky" Wright died of hyperkalemia, acute renal failure and shock. She had never been in the hospital a day in her life other than to bear her children.

She was 44.

In these dirty, muddled years we call "life" we have many regrets and there are sometimes feelings of guilt and shame. Sometimes tears don't fall as freely as they should and sometimes we don't take those vacations, understand the feelings of our loved ones and see the important things in life. Sometimes we have "life changing events" that forever define the little time we spend here on Earth.

In carrying on her legacy of love and good will, Becky's Wish (Warm Hands, Warm Hearts.) was developed in Detroit, MI. in 2009.

"With support of the local media and wonder community, more than 7,100 pairs of mittens and gloves were collected and dispersed to those in need the last two winters," Wright said.

This year, Becky's Wish is taking place in Detroit, St. Louis , Stephenville, Texas and now in Grove, Okla.

Drop off points for new or slightly used mittens and gloves to be dispersed to agencies of those in need in January are The Grove Sun, Grove Police Department, Grove Fire Station, Drive-in Pharmacy of Grove, Victorian Accents and Biggy's. See the ad in today's paper for more information.

"On behalf of my daughters and I, we thank you for your support," said Scott Wright.