Guy Ellis

A little politics

I can barely spell the word politics (I always want to spell it polo instead of poli), much less comment on it but a few words do seem in order now that a new President of the United States has been inaugurated.

I didnít vote for President Obama but I am wishing him the best of luck and I hope he does an excellent job. Already he has made some good decisions, I think. He selected my presidential candidate for Secretary of State, after all.

I was always taught while growing up that politics, like religion, is a subject that shouldnít be discussed too much in public. My parents explained to me that it wasnít a polite subject.

Like many of their fine lessons I learned that one the hard way.

I remember a civics class in junior high when I was heading up the Mondale/Ferraro campaign for the mock election. Each homeroom class would cast a vote in a sort of mini-electoral college. It was a great lesson plan laid out by our teacher, I certainly learned quite a bit from the experience.

I thought after our campaign won the debate that we had the election in the bag. But, we lost the vote in every homeroom, save one, and I retired from politics.


The wrestling team had a great result and a great turn out for their homecoming dual Tuesday against Inola. During most of the matches the gymnasium was as loud as Iíve ever heard it.

The homecoming coronation was very nice and there were many proud parents and lots of camera flashes during that event. Who knew that Red Diamond Iced Tea was such a popular beverage? I guess you had to be there to know what Iím talking about.

Another special note from Tuesday was the playing of The Star Spangled Banner before the matches began. GHS Assistant Principal Ed Sturgeon nailed it perfectly with his bugle. It was a nice touch.

For the actual dual the gymnasium lights were turned off until all that was left was a single light above the mat. It made for a look that really added to the atmosphere of the contest.

In the end a lot of hard work from coaches, faculty, students, parents, and the wrestlers themselves, of course, came together to produce a really great evening.

Itís been a short home season for the GHS grapplers with only three events. But thereís still a chance to catch them here in Grove next week on Thursday the 29th as the Coweta Tigers come calling for Senior Night. And if you canít make that, then the squad does have a dual just up the road apiece with old rival the Jay Bulldogs on Tuesday February 3rd.

Even if you donít know anything about the sport I promise youíll have a good time. The matches generate a lot of excitement and that is enough to get you through the subtleties you may not understand.

Bulldog Country

Itís been a busy week for school officials at Jay. Over the weekend the school hosted the annual Jay Dual Tournament and then on Monday the 11th Annual Tri-State basketball tournament got under way.

I had to miss Saturdayís action at the dual tournament (see last weekís column) but I was able to make it on Friday. Itís no easy task for coaches, faculty, and volunteers to arrange duals between ten schools on five different mats split between two gymnasiums but it all seemed to go quite smoothly.

And just when everything from the dual tournament had been cleaned up and packed away here comes the week-long Tri State basketball tournament.

Like the GHS wrestling homecoming these events donít just happen by themselves; it takes a lot of hard work and time from a lot of different people to make it all happen.

My assignment for the Tri-State this year was pretty easy and a lot of fun. David Reeder, a regular for both The Sun and The Delaware County Journal, was taking care of all the write-ups and so all I had to do was take pictures. Dave will stay on at Jay through the rest of the week while I venture over to Miami as the Grove varsity squads begin their NEO Tournament campaign.

When I rolled into Bulldog Arena on Monday afternoon I didnít see Dave at his usual spot at the courtside press table. Then I remembered something from last year at the Tri-State. Sure enough, a quick inspection found the veteran scribe immersed in the hospitality room sampling the various fares. He gave both the Frito chili pie and the beef stew excellent reviews.†

Now showing: My Darling Clementine has made its way back into the rotation on the Western Channel. Director John Fordís 1946 epic starring Henry Fonda as Wyatt Earp is a re-telling of the infamous ďGunfight at the OK CorralĒ and a movie you donít want to miss. Victor Mature gives a compelling portrayal of Doc Holliday and Walter Brennanís Pa Clanton is a bad guy youíll love to hate.