Kendra Montana

Grove Sun

The Town of Bernice is in the process of establishing it’s own police department, a first for the town in recent years. “There was an attempt at an earlier date to establish a police department here in Bernice that didn’t go through but we are trying it again and we are excited about it. We just started advertising for the position and we are hopeful that we will be seeing some very qualified applicants as a result,” said David Dennis, Town of Bernice Board of Trustees member. Finding a chief, according to Dennis, is the first step in the process. “The first thing that we need to do is find a chief,” he said. “The chief will help set up our policy and procedure and help in seeking out and securing funding through grants to help with the start up cost of putting a department together.” Dennis explained that the town would also be visiting with other departments to review their policies, with the assistance of the new chief. “We are also trying to find a grant writer who may be able to help with finding the grants that are out there and available to us,” Dennis said. “We have actually talked with one individual who seems very promising but nothing has been set in stone at this point in time. It is our belief that the more knowledge we have at our disposal. The better off we will be. We’ve never done this before so we are just trying to make good decisions.” The advertising began running in local and state media publications this week, according to town clerk Connie King. “We are looking for someone who either lives in the immediate area or is willing to relocate, someone who is CLEET certified and someone who is compatible to the community. Someone who can work not only with the board but with the residents of Bernice,” King said. “We have already received two applications and we just began advertising this week so we are optimistic.” Dennis agrees. “We are very excited about it and are we are just trying to get things right the first time. It is a process, one that we have never experienced before so I think we will be learning a lot as we go,” he said. “We’re confident that the right people will come along and that we will be up and running in the near future.