Officials at the Quapaw Tribe’s Downstream Casino Resort launched their latest innovation earlier this month as the first in-house brewed craft beers made their debut.

The craft beers are being sold in the resort’s Legends Sports Bar and Restaurant.

The brewery the latest in a series of sustainable, integrated programs which are part of Downstream's operation.

It is one factor in the tribe's comprehensive agriculture operation which includes farming, beekeeping, cattle and bison ranching, meat processing, and custom coffee roasting.

“We don’t rest. We are always looking to innovate and develop new ways to create a unique experience for our guests,” said Quapaw and Downstream Chairman John Berrey. “Plus it’s fun for us and fun for everyone who works here. We’re already starting to think about what comes next.”

During the launch, officials with Downstream Crafted Brewing Company introduced two craft brews: Craft House Kolsch, and Flat Rock Red.

Both are available on tap at the Legends Sports Bar, and the DCBC Brewing facility is visible from the Legends Restaurant dining area. Additional craft beers will be introduced later.

“It has been a long process of learning and putting it all together, and we now have two certified brewers on staff, plus a fully operational craft brewing system," said Downstream Director of Food & Beverage Lucus Setterfield. "We are pleased to bring this great new amenity to our guests.

“This specific product was started just over a year ago [when] we were given the opportunity to expand Legends Restaurant."

Setterfield believes the craft beer's project simply adds to the tribe's agricultural programing.

“It fits with our cattle company, it fits with the bison, it fits with our greenhouses," Setterfield said. "It fits with those things and continues with that process of being able to tell people what we do here, where the products come from, and that we have control over the products we are putting on the table and feeding to our guests."

He said tribe officials wanted to develop the craft beers as a way to bring something unique to the area.

“Crafted beer is taking off in a big way and we wanted to be part of that,” he said.

Jason McLeod and Mike Williams work as brewmasters and have spent a lot of time learning the process associated with the craft.

“All of this is so we can continue to do what we really like to do and that is to educate our guests,” Setterfield said. “We like to be able to talk about the things we do here, to make sure they know that this isn’t just a casino but it’s also a place where you can get something unique.”

Each one of the tanks will house about 260 gallons of beer, or approximately 2,000 pints.

The beer will be available beginning Sunday, Jan. 21 in any bar in Downstream Casino. On that day, beginning at 11 a.m., at Legends Sports Bar, Downstream officials will host a “Tap the Craft” promotional event. Guests who purchase a DCBC craft beer will receive their choice of a free logo pint glass or logo T-shirt.

Setterfield said they are looking forward to incorporating the agriculture things we are doing with the beer side.

This includes experimenting with incorporating the tribe's honey with the beer or the coffee they roast in-house with the beer.

Setterfield was quick to say that it takes a tremendous amount of effort to do the things they do and thanked the Quapaw tribe for supporting the project.

Additionally, Setterfield said the tribe's chef is currently partnering with culinary students at Oklahoma State University who are also interested in working with the beer brewing process.

They are also planning to use the craft beer to cook with, using it for things such as beer battered foods.

“Educating this area is a big area of what the Quapaw Tribe and Downstream Casino believes in,” he said.