Odds and ends.

That's how Larry Law describes his work for senior adults, many of whom are living alone, at the Savanah Park Apartments in Grove.

The jobs often include projects like hanging up shelving units, or adding a cup holder to a wheelchair. Law said he's even been called upon to put together a porch swing.

"I do anything and everything," he said with a smile, adding he likes helping the elderly residents of the apartment complex, so he can make sure they are treated fairly.

"I grew up like this," Law said. "There's enough bad in America, we need some good. Maybe this will pass it on to the next person."

For the last eight years, Law has lived at the apartment complex, as a full-time caregiver for his mother Virginia Law, who has Alzheimer's Disease. He is assisted by his sisters Barbara Harper and Tina Thole.

He jokes while he doesn't ask for payment regarding his efforts, he is often given edible treats - including chicken and noodles, cakes or breads.

"If you do it for the money, that's that's your reward," Law said. "You'll spend the money and it will be gone.

"I just like helping people and making people happy."

Law cites his faith as part of his motive for helping others.

"I just help whenever its needed. It's just what you do," he said. "There's a lot of good people [at Savanah Park]. It's a good community to live in."

He hopes people hear about his efforts, and find ways to spread kindness to others.

"There's lots of bad [people], but there is still a lot of good people in the world," Law said. "If I can help somebody I will."

Law said he hopes his children, which includes a son and daughter-in-law in Tyrone, a daughter in Columbia, Missouri, and a daughter in Windsor, North Carolina, live following the same standards.

"I taught them not to help people for the money, but for the wonderful feeling you get when you do something like that," Law said. 

Sunny's Superhero Volunteers

Sunny The Elf has returned - after Superhero Training, with a quest to find - and feature - a variety of superhero volunteers within the Grand Lake community.

We're looking for volunteers who work tirelessly in the community for little or no recognition - or someone who may need some extra kudos this Christmas season, for their efforts.

Submit a "super-hero" volunteer's name to Kaylea M. Hutson-Miller at 918-786-2228, or by email to khutson@grovesun.com. Our goal is to feature a different volunteer in each issue of The Grove Sun during the month of December.