The Jay Bulldogs are 3-0 at the start of their basketball season after wins over Wagoner, Hilldale and Kansas.

Vs. Wagoner

The Bulldogs season opener against Wagoner resulted in a 52-33 victory by the men’s basketball team.

Jay had control of most of the game after getting a strong early lead by scoring 18 points over Wagoner’s 6 in the first quarter of play.

The Bulldogs continued to top Wagoner in the charts during the second quarter of sinking 15 points to 11.

The boys walked into the break at the half with a solid lead 33-17.

The game slowed in the third quarter with Jay only putting 5 on the score board and marked the only quarter in the game in which Wagoner outscored the team with 7.

Seeming to pick the pace back up the boys were able to finish the game with a 14-9 scoring lead in the fourth quarter giving them their first win of the season.

While shooting 80 percent at the free throw line the Bulldogs only drew five trips to the line.

Wagoner was able to draw enough fouls to send them to the line 14 times but was only shooting just over 35 percent unable to take advantage of the free points.

Notable players for the game were Garrett Sweeney who scored at total of 17 points for the Bulldogs making six buckets for two and one for three during the night.

Daylon Simpson rounded out the night with 16 points five of which were for two and an additional two buckets for three.

Gabe Simpson contributed nine points followed by John Culver with six and who also show two for two at the line for the night.

Vs. Hilldale

The Bulldogs hit the road for two nights and two games first stopping in Hilldale where they team was able to pull off a 64-57 victory.

The started close with a 14-14 tie at the end of the first quarter of play.

The Bulldogs responded by bringing in 24 points in the second quarter to Hilldale’s 15.

The teams left the court at the half with Jay ahead 38-29.

The third quarter saw Hilldale close the gap with the Bulldogs ending with a Jay in a slight lead 45-43.

The boys from Jay continued to press the advantage and wrapped the game up with victory by outscoring hilldale in the fourth quarter to lead them to a 64-57 win.

Sweeney once against lead the team in scoring for the night with 33 points and shooting 80 percent from the free throw line with 16 points in free throws.

Kobe Budder place eight points on the board for the Bulldogs followed by Stormy Taylor with seven.

The Bulldogs drew more fouls this game at 33 free throw attempts sinking 25 or 76 percent at the line.

Vs. Kansas

The Bulldogs took on the Kansas Comets in their next match up with a 67-48 victory.

Jay outscored Kansas at every quarter in the game giving the boys a comfortable lead in which to build one.

The boys took a big lead in the first quarter of play with a 24-15 lead which they continued building on during the first half.

The teams broke at the half with the Bulldogs leading the Comets 44-28.

The Comets were able to slow the game down a little in the second half only being outscored 10-8 in the third quarter and 13-12 in the fourth.

Gabe Simpson put up the numbers in the game against Kansas with 27 points scored over the night.

Daylon Simpson brought in 10 points followed by Sweeney with 8 and Dalton Tanner with 6 points.

Overall the team was able to make nine of 14 free throws putting them at 64 percentile from the line.

The Bulldogs will play Grove’s Ridgerunners Friday Dec. 8 at home in Bulldog arena.