Eighteen years. Enough time to grow an infant to adulthood.

It's also the amount of time Jim Serage with Second Kick Cycle Works has been working to restore a 1972 Norton Commando to its original condition.

Serage, who owns the motorcycle museum in Grove, recently unveiled the bike he's spent almost two decades restring.

After putting nearly $7,000 into the restoration project, Serage notes the Norton looks and runs as if it came off the assembly line.

"Everything on this bike is redone, every nut and every bolt," Serage said proudly. "It even has zero miles on it as we redid the odometer."

More about Second Kick Cycle Works

Located at the old Chevy dealership in Grove, the facility boasts the museum and the Checkered Past deli. 

Featuring more than 60 bikes, the Serage continues to rotate in new and fresh bikes to the display floor.

The museum features many different types of motorcycles ranging from salt flat bikes, ice racers, to drag and street bikes.

“There is really a bit of everything… tried to rep all the different types of competition motorcycles," he said. 

Serage has been in business now for the three years and has a deep passion for bike racing.

“There’s history in here and for a motorcycle person there’s a lot to see," Serage said.

Serage and his son used to race bikes before moving to Grove, which is why he tries to represent all different types of racing.

Most of Serage’s bikes are European models from areas such as Spain, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Sweden and England.

“There are no Japanese bikes, they didn’t make them back then," Serage said. “When the Japanese started figuring out they could sell them everywhere, they wiped these guys out, they killed them.

“These are extinct [most] they are not in business any longer.”

Serage finds the bikes in various places and states of disrepair, some even come in a box before he rebuilds and repairs them into their near original working condition.

Bob Tryon, who worked with BSA racing in California, is a regular at the museum.

Serage said Tryon has considerable knowledge in the history or motorcycles often donates bikes and volunteers his time to various projects.

Serage is currently working on an early Honda road racer that should be added to the floor, “not too far off” future.

The Checkered Past Deli features a variety of items including homemade soups, desserts and sandwiches. The museum is open to the public, with a suggested $1 donation per person.

Second Kick Cycle Works is located at 18 East Third, Grove. For more information, persons interested may call 918-787-8707.