Call it paying it forward with a twist.

If Kenetha and Troy England have their way, someone in Grove will have a new roof by Christmas.

The pair, who own A Grand Roofing Company in Grove, plan to give away a new roof to a homeowner in need as this month, as a way to celebrate blessings which have come their way.

"I've wanted to do this for several years," Kenetha England said. "We've been here for eight years and this is one way to pay it forward."

Working with a team of volunteers, England hopes to provide a home owner with a roof 1,500 or less, a new covering for their residence. The home must have a Grove physical address.

The volunteers include Joy Justice from Northeast Technology Center in Afton, Rev. Randy Hamill, from First United Methodist Church, Grove, Ed Trumbull, mayor of Grove, Pat Dalke, director of the Christian H.E.L.P. Center, and Nancy Edwards, director of Bridges of Hope.

"Our goal is to help somebody," England said. "Yes, I know this will give us a lot of advertising, but if we were just in it for advertising, I could buy a lot of billboards for what this will cost.

"Ultimately it is a win-win. I've always wanted do do something to help somebody else."

England said she hopes people will either nominate or encourage someone to apply for the roof. 

"I know there's a lot of widows and widowers in Grove who live on a fixed income," England said. "There's single moms who need help."

Applications, which include a brief description of the need, as well of photos of the roof, will be reviewed by the committee members. England said this way the selection process will be free from bias.

She estimates the effort is worth $7,000. The couple plan to work with a local company in order to secure the best deal possible for the shingles. They are also working with David Tinney of Grand Roofing Supply - who plans to contribute the felt, nails, flashing and architectural shingles.

The Englands plan to remove the old roofing materials and will pay the fees to dispose of them, and provide materials and labor to replace rotted decking, before installing a new roof.

The person, or family chosen for the project, will be contacted with a sample of shingle colors on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 23. The Englands hope the roof will be completed - weather permitting - by Christmas Day.

"During the season of giving thanks, this is our way of expressing gratitude," England said. "It's our heart's desire to give a new roof to a deserving individual within our community."

For more information, persons interested may contact England at 918-786-4466.