The Delaware County Commissioners approved a resolution on Monday, Oct. 30 allowing the Grand Lake Public Works to refinance a bond that will save the county money. 

“It refinances a 2000 bond and reduces the payout over $100,000 over the next 10 years,” said Doug Smith, chairman, after the meeting.

The promissory note to the Oklahoma Water Resources Board is not to exceed $1.425 million.

A memorandum of understanding between the city of Grove and the Hickory Grove Fire Department allowing the Grove Police Department Dispatch Center to dispatch calls for the fire department for $400 a month was also approved.

Two $10,000 sub-grant funding contracts for the Delaware County Emergency Management and the city of Grove Emergency Management were approved and a software maintenance agreement between Midwest Card and ID Solutions and the Delaware County Emergency Management was also approved.

Two items related to the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department were approved. A lease/purchase proposal for a 2018 Ford Transit Lowroof 8-passengers wagon and the declaration of surplus jail equipment.

“The sheriff’s department is paying for the wagon out of his cash account not general funds,” Smith said.

The commissioners also approved Guy Engineering to perform bridge inspections and a Courthouse Generator Planned Service Report with a recommendation to replace the battery next year.

In financial business, the commissioners approved transferring $350,000 from the general fund to the county treasurer. Smith said this was a temporary transfer until tax receipts start coming in.

Also approved was a $125,632.18 invoice from Morehead Construction, LLC for the Tia Juana Fire Department building project and $33,125 for the Mosley School road project and $65,835 for the Cox Tower road project. Both projects fall under Cherokee Nation sponsorship and both are in the southern part of Delaware County. 

Also approved with the certificate of liability insurance and a list of current board members for the Kenwood Fire Department. Board members are Tony Hopton, chairman; Brad Cooper, vice-chair; Adrian Black, Greg Butcher, Johnny Blackwater, members; Greg Butcher, fire chief; Tony Hopton, assistant fire chief; Barbara Barnes, Jan Butcher and Greg Butcher, requisitioning; Barbara Hopton and Brad Cooper, receiving IRA Holt inventory.