A rural Delaware County man may face federal charges after he allegedly made a bomb threat by phone to the Veterans Administration Clinic in Jay.

According to James Harden, chief of police for the Veterans Administration, charges of making a terroristic threat will be forwarded to the U.S. Attorney's office regarding the incident.

At this time, The Grove Sun is not naming the man, who resides in rural Colcord, because he has not been formally charged, or arrested, in the incident.

According to Harden, a call came into the VA clinic at approximately 9:45 a.m. on Thursday. The caller allegedly told the staff member he would "blow up the Jay Oklahoma Clinic."

Harden said local authorities, including the Delaware County Sheriff's office and Jay Police Department, responded to the incident.

The suspect was identified and detained at his residence by Delaware County Sheriff's Office Deputy Brandon Hyler until officials from the VA's police force could arrive on the scene.

Harden said the man has since been released, pending formal charges, because the initial investigation conducted by the DSCO and JPD indicated the man did not have any means to carry out the threat.

According to Jay Assistant Police Chief Rick Pike, the incident may have stemmed from a disagreement between the man and the VA staff, over a change in medication.

Pike said VA officials decided to leave the clinic open for the remainder of the day for walk-in patients and previously made appointments. He said a member of the VA police force planned to remain at the clinic for the remainder of the day. 

Detective Jason Hutchison with the sheriff's office said the man cooperated fully with Hyler and consented to a search of his residence and property during the investigation. 

Hutchison said the man admitted making phone calls to the VA clinic, but denied making threats.