During the week of Sept. 13, 1952, Noel Coward's "Quadrille," premiered in London, the Braves played their last game in Boston's Braves Field before moving to Milwaukee, and the Adventures of Superman television show with George Reeves premiered in US syndication.

It was also during the same week that Archie and Donna Price left Wichita, Kansas decided to get married, in a little town in Arkansas.

The couple, who have since retired to Grove, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Sept. 13, 2017. Their celebration, which spanned several days, included recognition at the Grove Senior Citizen's Center in Grove.

How they met

For Archie, the moment that linked the couple together took place near the street corner of Douglas and Broadway in Wichita, Kansas, as he was waiting for a bus.

"She was going the same way I was going, so I sat down and started talking," Archie said with a grin. "Before I got off the bus, I made sure I had a date with her. That was it."

A month later he "grabbed [Donna] up and got married."

They were both in their early 20, when they eloped to Harrison, Arkansas.

"She couldn't find anybody else, so she had to go with me," Archie said with a laugh.

At the time they met, Archie was a truck driver and Donna was a crew chief working on the B52 bomber. 

"We just grew together," Donna said with a smile. "Our families were really supportive."

For Archie, the secret to a long marriage comes by always saying "yes ma'am." For Donna, it's the opposite. She jokes that "[Archie's] never been wrong."

The Prices have two children: Everett and his wife, Michelle, live in Haysville, Kansas, while daughter LaDonna and her husband, David Dunagan, live in Burton, Kansas.

They have one grandson, Chad and his wife Katie, live in Valley Center, Kansas, with their great-grandson, Chad Jr.

Fishing trips to Grand Lake while still living in Kansas led to their eventual move to Grove.

They bought their property in Grove in 1977, and completely retired and moved to the area 10 years later in 1987.

"We're still together," laughed Archie.