As the finishers ran across the line, William Hale of Tulsa emerged as the winner of the 2017 Jay Duathlon, on Sunday, Oct. 1.

Hale completed event with a combined total of 1:01.12, edging out Robert Webster of Pryor for second by eight seconds, in the event hosted by volunteers from the Delaware County Boys and Girls Club.

Hale finished the 5k in 19:26, finished the 14 mile bike ride in 33:18 and ended the final leg of the run in 7:06.

Rachel Sordahl of Pryor was first among the female competitors with a time of 1:10:07 while Julie Dunbar of Tulsa was second with a 1:22:26.

In the 5K, Terrell Bowen of Pryor won with a time of 20:26 edging fellow Pryor runner Nathan Anderson by :21. They were also the top two finishers in the 16 to 19 age division.

Bailey Allen was the highest finisher of runners with local ties. He finished sixth in the 16 to 19-age division, while Trevor Buck of Eucha was 11th overall with a time of 24:26.

Brennan Dry of Jay was second in the 1 to 8-year-olds, while Ketcher Nofire and Caiden Snell of Jay were first and second in the 9 to 12-year-old age group.  

In the 13 to 15 age division Shannon Tackett of Grove was second and Kyle Sixkiller of Eucha fourth.

Martin Syring of Jay finished in second in the 55 to 59 age group with Joe Hill of Eucha first in the 60 to 64 group.

Jason French of Grove was second in the 35 to 39 runners, while Conlie Smith of Stilwell won the 13 to 15 age group and was also the top female finisher overall with a time of 27:03.

Other 5K finishers

Peyton Goodeyon of Grove was fifth with fellow Grove runners Missy Sumter and Jessica Handy sixth and seventh while Jayden Henderson was ninth, Christy Wright 10th and Kristy Caswell was 15th.

Sumter and Merica Xiong of Grove were first and second in the 25 to 29. While Caswell and Goodman of Grove finished third and fourth in the 40 to 44, Wright and Goodeyon of Grove first and second in the 45 to 49 age group. Donna Gardner of Grove was first in the 70 to 74 with Barbara Brown-Scott first in the 80 to 98.

Amber Wigington of Langley finished in eighth place and Creedence Kirby of Jay 14th.

Perrie Tackett, Corbyn Tackett and Emily Kirby finished third through fifth in the 9 to 12 division. Jayden Henderson of Grove was second in the 13 to 15 group while Tehlar Beal, Tabetha Jackson, Cassie Bush and Lydia Killion, all of Grove, finished in the top 11 in their age group.

Sidney Summerfield, Kayla Goins and Leann Bell of Jay also were in the top 15 in their age division.

Handy and Kirby were one and two in the 16 to 19 age group while Regan Dry of Jay was fifth.

Wigington was first in 20 to 24 group while Erin Bell of Jay was second with Samantha Jackson and Lindsay Goodman of Grove third and fourth.