There are so many areas of divisiveness culprits in our great country the United States of America, that it is difficult to account for each one.

Here are just a few:

The social media

the unjust justice system

those who prey on the uneducated and uninformed

Our divisive Senate and Congress at state and Federal levels

The entertainment society ( including professional athletes

and the elite Hollywood actors and actresses)

Illegal Immigrants

The lack of American patriotism to our Country, Flag

and our Veterans.

As the real priority into today's news SHOULD BE how our nation can become a Godly Nation and in addition; having our law makers in D.C. actually working together for the benefits of its citizens.

But there is a nagging burr I have when the American Flag and it's Veterans are being disrespected by too many.

NFL players and owners, shame upon your conscience, hearts and lives. The NFL a dishonest business for so many years to taxpayers and those who support them. Avoiding paying taxes as you claimed to be a non profit organization.

REALLY? Living in America is such a privilege that so many take for granted. Many of you NFL players are so ignorant of what American patriotism is, it is a disgrace. This should be a WAKE up CALL to our education systems.

I know you did not just wake up one morning and say, “I don't think I will stand and Salute the American Flag and sing the National Anthem today.”

You have received bad, uninformed, and uneducated information, and have truly been mislead and encouraged by the wrong individuals. 

NFL players, coaches, and owners you are so fortunate to be where you are; being paid extraordinary monies and benefits to show off your God given athletic abilities.

Hey, to all NFL players & owners, if I was running the show, and you were on my team, you would be REQUIRED to spend 120 hours in a VA facility/hospital and work with our veterans in your off season, for community hours.

I would also have you take a trip with a veteran back to the country where he or she fought. During that time you had together I would have you tell that veteran why you cannot stand and salute the American Flag and sing our beautiful Anthem.

It would also be necessary to go to our War Memorials, the Holocaust Museum, and Arlington cemetery with a veteran.

Then once again, tell that veteran why you cannot stand and salute the American Flag and sing our Anthem.

I would require you to read the books or see the movies:Hacksaw Ridge, Unbroken, We were soldiers, Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam, Private Ryan, Thirteen Hours, and American Sniper. You take an oath to yourself, your teammates and owners, so do our military men and women who are responsible and accountable to and for our country's welfare.

There are just too many of you NFL players who don't know American History and what it truly means to be an American Patriot and the sacrifices for those who paid the ultimate price for you, your FREEDOMS you have this very day.

I would also have you group together to come up with the most effective required community service projects for those deprived of education and where drugs and violence are at epidemic highs. You would then ride with the first responders and the police to witness the investigation the ,violence, and death of many.

So shame upon your lives and hearts that you can't Salute and Stand and honor the country you live in.

It is so disturbing that you couldn't have found a more reasonable, educated way to gather together and make changes. Disrespecting the American Flag and our National Anthem is one of the lowest of lows.

You and your program are nothing to me, a distraction and a temporary fixation. Boycotting! All Games! Gear! and sponsors!

You bet ya!

Cindie Kees, Grove. 

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