Monday morning, the world changed.

In a way, things stopped moving for many people - including some in Grove - as they waited desperately for word about their loved ones.

It seems like everywhere I went, people knew someone who was at the Jason Aldean concert Sunday in Las Vegas.

The tragic event, which continue to unfold as details become known, caused many to want to runaway and hide.

Staying safe at home seems like the answer, instead of going out in public. 

But in reality, hiding is not the solution.

We must get back up, pull up our "bootstraps" so to speak, and be ready for what comes next.

Forward momentum, is the key for how we win.

In other words, we cannot let the swamp monsters (all of the bad things) win.

If we do, we'll sit in the muck and mire and miss out on a plethora of good things in life.

On Tuesday, just two days after the shootings in Las Vegas, I found myself attending the opening night of The King & I. 

I'll admit, as I sat in the lobby of the Walton Art Center, I had a slight twinge as my brain registered a) large crowds and b) giant windows.

But then, as I pushed the fear aside, I remembered the cliche which remains true. Life is for the living - and to live, means we step out, at times in faith.

So I went to The King & I - which was fabulous by the way - and enjoyed a chance to see the arts. 

I watched as the cast took the stage in a spectacular opening number which left me breathless. 

I found myself hoping Heather Botts, an Oklahoma City University graduate, might need to step in and fill the role of Anna. She's the official "Anna Standby" actress, who is living out her dreams on her first national tour - appearing when Laura Michelle Kelly has to step away from the stage.

When I talked with Botts she described the show as one which showcases a woman who learns to fight for freedom and her voice.

In a way, that's exactly what all of us who continue to go to concerts and other events do.

We fight for freedom. We stand together. We use our voices for a collective good. 

We continue to live.

Kaylea M. Hutson-Miller is the managing editor of The Grove Sun and Delaware County Journal. Have an idea for a column or story? She can be reached at or 918-786-2228.