Surprise filled the air as Travis Linn and Mackenzie Woods were crowned this year's 2017 Grove High School Homecoming King and Queen on Friday, Sept. 29, at Ridgerunner Stadium in Grove.

The pair, representing band and basketball respectively, were the top pick for the honor, as chosen by their peers. They were joined by 2017 Grove High School Homecoming Prince and Princess Dawson Tanner and Haven Pennington.

Linn is the son of Tammy and Mark Linn. Woods is the daughter of Miranda and Joe Woods. Pennington is the daughter of Angela and Donny Pennington. Tanner is the son of Jessica and Jeremiah Williams.

Homecoming King

For Linn, being honored as the homecoming king was a blessing.

"I wouldn't be anywhere in life without my friends," Linn said. "They are another blessing from God."

Linn, who hopes to pursue a career in politics, plans to major in political science and eventually go to law school to specialize in constitutional law.

"It's something I've always wanted to do, - serve others," Linn said. "My parents always taught me to be involved, and be the best person I can be."

Linn said the honor was more special, because it came knowing his fellow band members provided a large part of the vote. 

"I truly think it's the best organization in Grove," Linn said. "These are great people to be with. I'm excited to represent them.

"They are great people and support everyone in the program."

Linn has played the trumpet for the past eight years for the various upper elementary, middle school and high school bands. 

This is his second homecoming title. Last year, his counterparts voted him in as the homecoming prince.

Homecoming Queen

For Mackenzie Woods, being crowned queen her first - and last - time as part of the homecoming court, was special.

"It's definitely pretty awesome," she said. "What a way to go out."

Woods plans to pursue a degree in sports medicine at either Northeastern State University in Tahlequah or the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

She said she picked the degree, because while she likes to help people, she does not like the sight of blood.

Eventually she would like to either be a trainer for a Women's National Basketball Association team, or work with the athletic program at a Division I school.

She also dreams of becoming a photographer, who travels the world talking nature photos.

A point guard for the GHS girls basketball team, Woods said she was proud to represent her team.

"It's a cool feeling to represent the basketball girls, because there is so much talent on the team," Woods said.

She said her win might be blamed on advice given to her by her father.

"My dad always told me when I was little, to vote for yourself," Woods said. "People would ask me who are you going to vote for. I said, me, then said so if you don't have anyone to vote for, vote for me.

"I didn't think I would get it."