The brutal regime of North Korea is as evident to Americans as it is to people all around the globe. Kim Jong Un, the current dictator of North Korea, has carried on with the inhumane regime, just as all of his family members in power before him.

North Korea has for decades been known as an unstable nation with an unstable dictator, unwilling to partake in diplomatic talks with other world powers.

North Korea’s threats over the past few months have escalated tensions around the globe.

In July, the country developed a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile that has the ability to reach the United States. In addition, they have tested several nuclear missiles and bombs inside their country.

We have, in turn, recognized that the taunting and showboating of North Korea can no longer be discounted. Their threats must be taken seriously and their actions met with repercussions.

Earlier this month, the United Nations put the strongest sanctions yet on North Korea, which were supported by Japan, China, and Russia.

The sanctions call for a decrease in oil imports and ends the export of all textiles from the rogue nation, one of their biggest economic industries. Similarly, Congress passed sanctions in July to put financial and diplomatic pressure on North Korea’s nuclear program.

Kim Jong Un isn’t suicidal – no dictator is – but his actions and threats to the international community pose an interesting dilemma.

A dictator trapped inside his own country, Kim Jong Un has made it known to the world that North Korea is an unstable and dangerous nuclear power with the capability to destabilize the region.

His indifference to heed any diplomatic warning proves that his power and recklessness know no limit.

First and foremost, the United States will continue to prioritize the safety of its citizens and its national security.

As an international leader, the United States will carry on with its long-standing tradition of working alongside the members of the United Nations in order to remedy problems plaguing the entire international community.

The United States has proven in its long history as a world power that threats against our nation are never taken lightly. North Korea would be wise to remember that the United States, along with its many allies, will not cease our efforts in the face of the threats of a ruthless dictator.

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) represents the second district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He can be reached through, and at 3109 Azalea Park Drive, Muskogee, OK, 74401, 918-687-2533 or 202-225-2701