“A great fisherman’s confidence to catch fish comes from his passion not his gear”

Come on autumn! The fishing patterns and lake condition, for the most part, have been the same since August. The only slight change is the lake level has been reduced to less than 743’.

What we need is some cooler weather to drop the water temperature. I’ll share my thoughts.

Have you ever wondered why it takes a long time to warm the water in the spring, but a much shorter time to cool it in the fall?

The reason is because of air temperature, sunlight, and evaporation. I’m over simplifying, but it takes more energy to warm a large water surface than it takes to cool. The water wants to send the energy back to the air in the fall.

How does this affect the fishing?

The bait fish are moving into the backs of creeks and cuts in enormous numbers.

In many areas the water is black and the shad are active. Baitfish and particularly shad don’t handle sudden environmental changes well and many die. The predatory fish are right there waiting for an easy meal.

I’ve also started to see crappie schooling up in open water in water 12-20 feet. They are easy to spot on your electronics.

Until next time…keep your hook in the water.

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