A vote, to determine the fate of the Jay High School Girls’ Slow Pitch Softball team will come before the Jay School Board, when the group meets on Thursday, Sept. 14.

The meeting takes place at 7 p.m., in the Jay Public Schools Administration Building, 821 North Main, Jay.

According to the agenda, released by Jay Superintendent Kenneth Bridges, the board members will consider approving the “discontinuation of Slow Pitch Softball.”

Bridges said the item comes before the board after several “internal conversations.”

“Multiple variables have led to this decision,” Bridges said by text, when contacted.

He declined to contact further on the issue, until the board meets on Thursday.

Jeff Stapleton, Jay’s Athletic Director, declined to comment. He deferred all questions to Bridges.

David Holcombe, president of the Jay School Board, also declined to comment concerning the reason the item appears on the agenda.

Holcombe said he anticipates multiple people will be present during the board meeting to address both sides of the issue.

About the program

In 2017, the Slow Pitch Softball team, coached by Samie Watson, finished its season ranked 10th, in Class 5A with a 22-9 record.

The team lost the regional game to determine who would advance to state by one point, with the 14 to 13 loss against Berryhill.

It was the second year in a row the team missed advancing to state play, after a similar one point loss in 2016.

At the end of the 2017 season, two seniors Jade Creekkiller and Marissa Lokey, were named All State athlete by the Oklahoma Slow Pitch coaches.

In 2016, the team ranked sixth, and finished with a 24-9 season. They missed going to state after a one point loss 11-10 to Muldrow.

In 2015, the team ranked 20th in Class 5A and finished with a 14-10 season. They lost the regional final game which decided who would advance to state.

In 2014, the team ended the season ranked 13th in Class 5A, with a 17-7 record. During that season, senior Lindzy Brock was named to the all state team.

Other business

In other business, the board will hear from Bill Turner, the school’s auditor, who will present the 2017-18 estimate of needs for the district.

They will also address several issues connected with Grand Head Start, including personnel contracts for support staff, certified teachers, and a sharing of data and privacy of child records procedures.

The board will also consider appointments to the following compliance coordinator positions: Title VI of the Civil Rights Act Coordinator (Bridges), Title IX Coordinator (Stapleton), Age Act Coordinator (Bridges) and Title II Coordinator (the elementary, upper elementary, middle school and high school principals).

The board will also consider renewing the district’s contract with the City of Jay for a resource officer and security officers for the 2017-18 school year.

A renewal of the Blackboard Connect Service for 2017-18 will also be considered.

Employment issues

The board will consider approving a Teachers and Leaders Effectiveness evaluations rating system (TLE). Teachers with highly effective or superior ratings will be eligible to be exempt from the evaluations the following year.

Three resignations will be on the agenda for consideration: Jeff Kirby, Dean Berry and Janetta Wells.

Several positions will be before the board, including the employment of a paraprofessional and a bus driver, a bus driver/shuttle/custodian, a special education instructor; and a re-assignment of Misty Nowlin from bus driver to bus driver/custodian.

Grand Head Start personnel issues before the board include the re-assignment of Dami Leeds from teacher assistant in the Quapaw center to a similar position in the Miami Center; Nakayla Dunn from program aide to teacher assistant to the Grove center; Katie Cunningham from assistant teacher to classroom teacher at the Grove Center; and employment of program aids at the Grove, Colcord and Miami centers.