This adventure started when a simple group of students came together to learn more about each other and about their team.

“While I was there I learned more about being an officer and how I could help my chapter,” said Wyatt Priest.

The Colcord FFA officer team traveled to Stilwell, where they worked at a Cherokee Children’s Mission for community service.

During the project, all of the playground equipment received a fresh coat of paint and students built new tire swings and a bench.

Everyone who participated was overwhelmed with joy to be able to help with something that could impact a child’s life forever.

The group also helped with a green house and raised beds as part of the project.

The group spent the weekend at the Gilstrap family farm near Stilwell where they spent time planning out the 2017-18 school year.

After a day at the lake spending time skiing before going to church at Rocky Mountain Bible Church on Sunday in official dress.

“We have a really good officer team this year. I think with the time we spent together we saw some of our full potiential as an officer team,”said Zach Beals. “We really communication is a really important thing. We need to be just one big family”

Throughout the weekend the group discussed the future year and made goals for the Colcord FFA chapter. They planned out the big events for the year and also grew closer as a team.

Saturday evening they came together for their last meeting for officer retreat and it was an emotional one.

Throughout the experience, they all grew close, set goals, and learned the meaning of hard work and dedication.