PICHER – For two weeks local law enforcement investigators from 14 different agencies near and far including Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Nevada, and the British Virgin Islands attended Crime Scene Investigator Academy at the Quapaw Marshal's training facilities in Picher.

Ottawa County Sheriff Jeremy Floyd hosted the class taught by crime scene expert and Crime Scene Investigator for the Oklahoma City Police Department Everett Baxter Jr.

Baxter has written two books on Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) and travels across the U.S. training law enforcement officers and investigators, making the specialized training more available and affordable for smaller agencies. Baxter offers the CSI training through his own consulting company.

“He teaches all over the country, and he's testified in many, many cases. He has tons of experience,” Floyd said, adding he has been preparing for the session for much of this year.

The class, led by Baxter, was designed to teach the various aspects of crime scene investigations, photography, sketching, note taking, processing a scene, finding evidence, and how to document the entire process for later analyzing.

Baxter said teaching investigative skills improves the officer's ability to solve crimes and bring about criminal prosecution.

"This provides them some valuable training to even do more at their crime scenes," Baxter said. "They're going to take this stuff back to their communities, and they're going to use it. This isn't stuff they will use in six months or once or twice a year. This is stuff they will use every single day.”

The training was offered throughout regional and national law enforcement CSI resources.

Graduates of the CSI Academy are Pryor PD - Justin Allen, Sherman Texas PD- Morgan Ard, Delaware County Sheriff's Office – Travis Baker, Michael Bouziden, Jason Hutcheson, Quapaw Tribal Marshals – Brad Barnard, Travis Eby, and Donald Leamon, Montgomery County, Ks. Sheriff's Office – Christopher Bishop, Claremore PD – Brant Bruner, Elk City PD – Robert Chaney, Ottawa County Sheriff's Office – Rocky Ferdig, Holli Goforth, and Justin Keller,Carson City Sheriff's Office – Kolby Hicks,Miami Nation PD – Klyle Lankford, Craig County Sheriff's Office – Michael O'Dell, Vinita PD – Jeff Prack, Beckham County Sheriff's Office Brandyce Rozell, and Royal Virgin Islands Police Force – Lesroy Simmons.