Dear Editor

Highway 59 traffic in Grove, at the intersection of Third and Main Street is total mess since the city decided, wrongly to restrict the flow of vehicles turning South on US Highway 59

Last Friday, on Sept. 1, I waited in a line of cars and trucks, from Third and Main all the way back to Tate’s Tire store where Highway 59 changes from four lanes to two lanes.

I finally get to the problem traffic point and see that someone, apparently from the city erected posts in the roadway to restrict right turning traffic.

It makes no logical sense to impede traffic from turning right on a United States Highway. I venture to say that most vehicles turn South on Highway 59. However, priority appears to be given to traffic going through towards Highway 10.

When I finally was getting close to the traffic jam, I was behind an 18-wheel truck that could not turn right until the northbound traffic cleared so that he could safely pull forward and make a wide right turn, thus holding up traffic even more.

To put it bluntly, this redesign of the main intersection was a stupid idea. There is space for two lanes with one being a turn lane to the south on Highway 59. It should be two lanes with one marked as a turn lane.

If the issue at the intersection is large trucks turning south when cars are in the right lane then it still is NOT solved by placing barriers in the right lane.

For trucks that need both spaces (lanes) to turn the city can place some signs warning smaller vehicles to yield to turning trucks.

If a vehicle fails to yield then let them suffer the consequence for their behavior and pay for the damage to their vehicle and any others involved and then let the city police cite them for failing to yield.

No matter what solution is provided the traffic flow needs to improve. Please, find a solution that works and keeps traffic flowing

Ken Sherrets