Students from Delaware County schools, including Grove, Colcord and Jay, took part in the 2017 Farm Equipment Operators Contest, Friday, Sept. 1, as part of the Delaware County Fall Free Fair.

Participants demonstrated their skills and abilities to operate farm machinery through two obstacle course simulating regular farm operations.

Additionally, students were required to learn about farm safety and take a safety exam to qualify for the event.

“According to the National Safety Council, agriculture is the most hazardous industry in the nation and has been compared to working at a construction site," explained Grove FFA Advisor Garrett Bergman. "Every day, nearly 38 children are injured in an agriculture-related incident. Teaching students farm safety practices can help prevent injuries."

During the contest, Joey Rombach, a member of the Colcord FFA earned first place. He was followed by Dalton King, Grove FFA, in second, and Sellor Lane, Jay FFA in third.

Berman said the contest would not have been possible without the help of the staff of Kubota Center in Grove. The business provided tractors for the competition.