Ashley Heffron and Glenda Glover dish up two of the hog fry meals on Friday, Sept. 1, at the Jay Community Center. The dinner was just one of the many fundraisers organized by Bonnie Freeman-Flaming and others to benefit Kasen Sparks. Flaming said the hog fry - which sold out - raised $5,767, the pie auction and chili supper raised $5,438, the Kasen's Krew shirts has brought in $3,020, and Saturday's poker run added $845, bringing the weekend efforts total to $15,040. This is in addition to $16,401 which has been raised online through the Kasen's Krew You Caring site. This week, on Thursday and Friday, sponsors have stepped forward to pay $2 towards Kasen's medical expenses for every $4.99 burger basket sold at the J-Way Cafe in Jay.