The demolition of a building, known as the Village Barn, tops this week’s meeting of the Grove City Council.

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, members of the council will approve the administrative order outlining the plan of action for the demolition of the building, which sits at the corner of O’Daniel Parkway and South Main Street.

The onetime home of the Brush and Palette Club and the Village Barn antique store, has been declared a dilapidated structure in past action by the council.

In August, the Council directed the Village Barn owners Rick and Kelly Schriber, to have all of their items out of the building by Aug. 31, and to come back to the council during the September meeting, to outline their plan for demolition.

According to a staff memo, prepared by Grove Assistant City Manager Debbie Bottoroff, if the council approves staff action, the couple must demolish the building no later than Sept. 19, and have the debris removed and the lot filled and level by Oct. 5.

In addition the Schribers, members of the Brush and Palette Cub are also required to participate in the demolishment of the half of the building owned by the organization.

Failure to comply for both the club and the Schribers could result in the city’s contractor to do the demolition work, on Sept. 20, and a lien being filed against the property for the actual costs plus a $225 administration fee.

The contractor estimates it will cost a minimum of $32,000 for demolition and cleanup, according to Bottoroff.

The council will also address two pieces of property, at 502 South Broadway and 504 South Broadway, owned by the late Joyce Gibson.

The action, setting a public hearing at 6 p.m., on Tuesday, Sept. 19, will come before the council in order to deal with an outstanding administrative order put into place prior to Gibson’s death in 2016.

In a letter, sent to Gibson’s sisters, Grove City Attorney Darren Cook asks about the status of the two properties, and its status - if probate has begun.

If approved, the public hearing will take place during the Sept. 19 council meeting.

Other Business

During the meeting, the council will consider approving a three party recycling center agreement between the City of Grove, Bernice Sanitation and the Delaware County Friendship Home.

The agreement, outlines what each entity will do, in order to continue to have the Grove Recycling Center, located on O’Daniel Parkway between the Grove Fire Department and the Grove Senior Center.

The council will also consider authorizing the Grove Fire Department with the ability to provide American Heart Association Cardio Pulmonary Recitation (CPR) and Basic Life Support (BLS) classes to City of Grove entities, as well as the general public and health care providers.

Also before the council is an agreement with Nichols Marine Tournaments, to host four tournaments at Wolf Creek Park during the 2017-18 fiscal year.

In return for hosting the tournaments, if approved, the city will reimburse Nichols Marine $2,000 after each event. The agreement is similar to one approved for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

The renewal agreement, with the Northeast Oklahoma Travel Information Center, located on I-44 near Miami, will come before the council.

This agreement will stand, if approved, with City of Miami officials for the 2017-18 fiscal year. The city will pay $5,000 for the year, to have a space to promote Grove and Grand Lake within the facility.

Council members will fill a five year term on the Grove Municipal Airport Managing Authority, formerly held by Sam Robinson, whose term expired on Aug. 31. Two people filed for the position - Jeannie Wheatley and Gary Lane.

Council members will also consider a budget amendment for the city’s general fund, which includes insurance reimbursement for an accident involving two fire trucks, as well as the expense of repairing the two trucks. This is an increase of $19,700 to the bottom line of the City General Fund.