Call it a boom for Colcord - for both the economy and stomach.

In August, Jennifer and Dale Andrews opened the only sit-down restaurant in Colcord - The Corner Post - in the former post office.

It's the newest business to open in the small, south county town, a trend city officials hope will continue.

Jennifer jokes naming the restaurant was like naming a child - it took forever for the couple to come up with the right name, until the obvious emerged - taking into account the building's former presence as a post office and the fact it sits on a corner. 

The restaurant, which sits next to Colcord High School, features everything from burgers and fries, to nachos and salads, ice cream and of course pizza - lots and lots of pizza.

Initially the couple planned to keep the menu small - planning to grow it as they "got their feet under them," Jennifer said.

Brian Conley - the chef they hired - soon developed other ideas, creating new items on a frequent basis, to tempt even the pickiest eater.

Shortly after opening, Conley came up with the Hornet Nachos - a heaping order of chips and toppings, and the bacon cheeseburger french fries - french fries covered with hamburger, bacon, cheese, diced pickles and onions, and mustard.

"He's very creative," Jennifer said, adding while Brian creates in the kitchen, his wife, Chynna, helps manage the restaurant's social media presence.

In addition to the Conleys, April Cooper was hired to serve as the manager - and was the first employee added to the payroll. She helped the Andrews with the renovation process. 

"I think this is lovely and wonderful," Cooper said. "People here are great.  You can enjoy something new and fresh every day."

The Andrews purchased the building in March, in hopes of by the end of May. However, weather delays, as well as renovation issues to the older building, pushed the opening a few months.

"We've learned a lot about this kind of business," Jennifer said.

Initially, the pair thought about opening a food truck, as an investment. Those ideas soon morphed into a full-fledged dinner.

"I'm looking forward to meeting new people," Jennifer said. "There's lots of really nice, good people in the area, who come in and visit.

"We just want to be successful and help the community out."

The restaurant is decorated in an eclectic americana style, including a mixture of antiques and flea market finds. The counter is a hand-built creation made by Dale and others.

Behind the counter sits a soft-serve ice cream machine, which Jennifer said, Dale tested out at least three different mixes before he found the perfect blend.

Dale said the couple looked at other areas, when considering where to located the business.

"We just liked the look of [Colcord]," Dale said. "The community was asking for something like this.

"I was bound and determined to have this building. This [building] was the perfect location and size. It's definitely been a learning experience."