A record number of rabbits were on display on Monday, Aug. 29, as the 2017 Delaware County Fair Rabbit Show got underway.

Exhibitors Breanna Jackson and Paizlee Beck came out on top of the 119 rabbits on display. 

Jackson won the show with her tortoise Holland Lop buck, while Beck had reserve grand champion with her black mini satin doe.

Clynt Phillips was the senior showmanship champion, while the Chandler siblings, Corbin and Kara, won intermediate showmanship champion and junior showmanship competition, respectively.

The judge for the show was American Rabbit Breeders Association judge Brigette Armstrong from Sand Springs.

Armstrong is the Superintendent for the Tulsa State Fair and judges events across the United States including national breed and association shows.

“I want to say thank you for the opportunity to come judge tonight,” Armstrong said. “There some nice rabbits here and the kids have done a really good job of showing them.”

The rabbit show entries were up from 70 shown at the 2016 Delaware County Fair.